• Ashleigh Wells

Questions to ask yourself when going through a transformative phase in your business

Is your business going through a change, or would like to?

Its a process that many companies go through, and is a learning curve for everyone involved. If you are unsure where to start or don't know what factors can arise in this transformative phase, here are some questions to ask yourself to kickstart your process of change:

Customer Questions:

  1. How will your customers benefit from your change? What will they gain?

  2. Why will the customer care about the change? How do you get them excited for it?

  3. How will you be able to justify your changes to the customer?

Logical Questions:

  1. Who in the business will be affected by this change?

  2. What tools are available to perform this change?

  3. Which processes within the business will be affected by the change?

Practical Questions:

  1. What are your deadlines for these changes?

  2. How will the changes be communicated throughout the affected community?

  3. If there are delays to the change, who are affected and how? How can you combat these risks?

Planning Questions:

  1. What are the long term implications of this change?

  2. How will the newcomers be introduced to the new process?

  3. How can the change be made to benefit more members of the organisation?

Hypothetical Questions:

  1. What are the overall strengths and weaknesses of this change?

  2. How does this affect the future of the business?

  3. What ideas can you bring to the table for this transformation?

Affiliate Questions:

  1. Will there be any impact for you and your employees?

  2. Will you be able to voice the concerns of your business to others?

  3. How can you keep both your past and ongoing clients involved?

We hope these questions have helped raise awareness of the advantages and limitations within your planning, and help with your change. Good luck!

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